Favorite Kennedy Steve line or quote

What is your favorite Kennedy Steve or other ATC or Pilot quote on frequency?


That’s mine, but it’s by Sully so is it still allowed? Also can it be any quote?

Ps, I know it’s not a quote but it’s my favourite saying.


That’s what I mean, fits perfectly

Oh there are so many good lines!

Kennedy Steve: I’m sharp as a donut!

Unknown ATC ground, chaos at JFK: I’m all screwed up… Jesus Jetblue! (they made a wrong turn or something that screwed up the sequence)


Couple of my favs-and there’s so many of them:

Delta: “Is there anyplace for us to hold?”
Kennedy Steve: “Well my first choice would be Atlanta”

BAW: “explains delay to Steve”
KS: “As long as you’re not telling the 400 people behind you that it’s because of an ATC problem that’s fine with me”
BAW: “We’re blaming it on the Japanese”

Kennedy Steve and the Delta Tugs was always a good laugh as well-one video Steve asked what exit the Tug was taking to which ramp and the answer wasn’t definitive…

KS: “UHHHH is not a good answer, you can wait”

One more was when KS got asked by an aircraft what was the reason they got a go around:

KS: “because the airplane in front of you was still on the runway
A/C: “Well that’s a good reason

In case anyone didn’t have the link-here it is. Well worth the time to watch a few and hear the chaos at JFK_GND


Not a specific quote but it always cracks me up when he communicates with the maintenance tug guys. He always responds to them in a garbled, incoherent manner (because the tug radios usually suck).


you mean this?

my personal favorite:


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