Favorite Jumbojet

It can be anything for Cargo to Only passenger

  • Antonov An-225 Mariya
  • 747 Family
  • A380 Super Jumbo
  • Other(tell down below⬇)

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MD12 i wish i see it

Rip McDonnell Douglas

a380 all the way

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Maybe Boeing 747 dreamlifter?

Then 747 family 😀😀


Its’s not Antonov 255 Mariya its Myria

Damn autocorrect

The MD12! If Boeing continued their research it could be even better than the already almost dead A380, although it does looks very fat and bulky :-/

I still love the real queen of the skies a lot! Everyone should know that beast :-P


Its Mriya, not Myria.

Autocorrect changed it :/

My favorite is the 777. I like the 777 because it’s Blue.

Boeing 707 and Airbus A340 are my two favourite jumbo jets.

A380, 777 & A350.
787 is ok.

C-5 Galaxy for me

You know I just saw a 747 yesterday it flew right over us it had just departed from Dtw but funnily enough I spotting at a different airport VLL which is Troy’s executive airport

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