Favorite IFC names

Kind of an interesting topic but what are some of your favorite IFC display names. Personally the coolest name I’ve seen is balloonchaser.

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That’s so funny I’m flying with balloonchaser now. I just let him know. :)


I’m also flying with balloonchaser 😂


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Congrats on the fan post @Balloonchaser !

My personal favorite is @21cabbage.


ItsBlitz is a really cool one :)

I mean I had a good laugh when I first saw DeerCrusher

Personally I’m really fond of @KTJ_Mitchell!

In all seriousness though I do like @GreenFire

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@Pew.mp7. Easily.

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I kinda like @Redrado’s tag.

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@Frog simple yet genius. Some would even compare his genius to Jeremy Clarkson himself 😮

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My favorite is @Butter_Boi. That one gets me every time.

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@AndrewWu @robert_xing @Cameron_Stone @Cole_Collins

As you can see, we are just absolutely creative with our names.


@Sashaz55 is such an interesting name… it’s reminding me of Sushi 😏

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My name on god

@B3ASTMOD3X is a good but dated one… may consider changing that.