Favorite IF/RWA photo in your camera roll!

This is very similar, best post them here. But nice picture!

But this is also RWA

Maybe just make it RWA?

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You have to be TL2 to post in RWA sorry.

I don’t think we need this. We would always need to credit the author and this is quite similar to other topics like best if Photos and others.

You are all telling me to just put RWA and all this, and then I have to be TL2 to put it

This isn’t Best IF photos it is your favorite aviation related photo in your camera roll

There are many topics that could have been considered Closed to Best If photos but they stayed, how is this really related to Best IF photos

Still it is very, extremely similar. And because RWA is the greater category over General, it should be in RWA. Sorry but this has to be closed.


I’ll make a new catagory I like the idea

Not really @Aussie_Cockatoo it is both combined or isn’t just IF photos it is also RWA photos

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Also in the top post:

This is definitely my favorite RWA pic

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I have a lot of RWA photos but I don’t wanna post them here if it is gonna be closed

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That could go in Best IF Photos you see. There is no use for a second IF photos going at the same time. RWA you see, you are only basic.

Plus topics should be about one thing not two.

Can I make a RWA topic? (I’m TL2)

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Aussie you don’t get it do you
YES YOU CAN! You could make this topic about anything it can be photos of IF and RWA! That is why it is under general if it was only IF photos it is under general if it is RWA photos

There is no category called general real world aviation now is their

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Standby I’ll make a RWA topic

Guys, things are escalating. @moderators

Nononono don’t make it straight after this closes. Leave it for a day or two.

Let’s just leave it to dedicated threads in either category. No need for one with both IF and RWA photos. And some of us need to take a chill pill, it’s only a thread.