Favorite IF/Aviation youtube channels

@Transport_Hub is good

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Yeah he has great videos, i was watching him last night when i made this post

QFS Aviation has really good flight reports too

Stefan Drury https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG1HLA8IEqZ09_C_7u5tUjQ

He makes fantastic content, and in 5 months will be flying his Cirrus SR22 around the world.

Frankly, I’m dissapointed that nobody has mentioned one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) Infinite Flight Memer of all time. @JNG_Aviation, this one’s got to go to you. #JNGsquad

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Jeb Brooks and Sam Chui are my all time favorites. I enjoy Sam for technical stuff, but Jeb for trip reports.

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A time’s sim classic would be Airproud95
Spotting I’ll take HD Melbourne Aviation and TK’s Plane Spotting

I really like Fly with Stella, Aviation 101 and 74 Gear along with Mentuor Pilot and Captain Joe

Edit: I also have recently taken a liking to helicopters so lately I’ve been watching channels like Critical Angle and Pilot Yellow

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think that’s referring to me haha.

Love watching your content too Rishi!
You focus on quality over quantity :)

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Yeah, he’s amazing. I’ve been subbed even before he reached 1000 subs

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anyone know any KSMF based youtubers?

I really like Sam Chui even though he’s not a IF you tuber. But he has shown me really cool things about aviation!

My favorites are Sam Chui, Swiss001, Airforceproud95, Lucaas, and VASaviation!

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My favorite is Lucaas and Captain Joe


Also me 😂

That thread is closed, the discussion is being transferred and carried on through this thread. It’s not a “bad” topic, it just lost interest, it can still be here now. 🙂

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Melbourne based pilot. He’s flown around Australia and plans to fly around the world in his own SR22 later this year. Really enjoy his videos


This has basically turned into a channel of people self promoting their channels ☹️

Lucaas takes peoples clips and ideas usually without permission. I don’t agree with his ways… He makes money off of other peoples work.

This is similar to Daily Dose of Internet, however DDoI pays people to use their clips, so I’m fine with that.

Just thought I’d mention that. Your opinion though


Yea I kinda have to agree. I only watch the Weekly Dose of Aviation though

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That’s true but the clips he does find are pretty good