Favorite Flight Review Channel

Vote for your favorite flight review channel on youtube

  • Sam chui
  • Non stop dan
  • Winging it Paul Lucas
  • Dennis Bunnik travels
  • Jeb brooks

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Rip Paul Lucas and Dennis but we’re Simply Aviation?

I forgot one @Emiliano_Padilla or iTripreport

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My favorite trip-reporter is easily SANspotter. I just enjoy his humor, and variety of airlines he flies.


A good aviation youtuber is Swiss001. He does aviation videos, but the doesn’t do trip reports. The bad thing about him is that he knows a lot about simulator but probably not about actual aviation.

@MakoFlyer06 you should’ve said @Swiss

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@Emiliano_Padilla is the best

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They are all good in their own ways but for factual, genuine reviews never trust what Sam Chui says. Most of his flights are paid for by the airline or they know he is onboard so treatment is preferential

Skylite Productions

He said favorite not list all flight review channels 😂

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Nonstop Dan because he is pretty funny and I enjoy his content. And also Jeb Brooks as he seems pretty nice and really enjoys what he Does as I do.

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Cool! I didn’t know he was here!

Yeah there pretty good

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My favourite one is Simply Aviation, because they fly a lot from Vienna, which is my home airport. Also OnBoardHD is good, because they also fly a lot from Bratislava or Vienna.

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I personally love iTripreport, and QFS Aviation

P.S @Emiliano_Padilla are you iTripreport because I remember seeing this name on a boarding pass or something on a video from KSAN-KSEA in a 737-900


simply aviation
oneworld flyer

Simply Aviation for the win!! Love their trip reports!!

-InflightXperience (former Amandeuce)

(They have the type of editing I like with timelapses and etc.)

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Ye, or at least I hope I am the real one otherwise we’d have some bigger issues here


I could sit down and watch FlightExperience videos for hours. Love them.

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