Favorite Flight Review Channel

  • Dantorp Aviation

Ya but that non professionalism is what makes Jeb who he is. He’s different than the others.

Jeb Brooks and Simply Aviation.

My favorites are:

Jeb Brooks
Simply Aviation
QFS aviation
Paul Lucas

And many more!

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Agree also watch QFS Aviation alot

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Simply Aviation.

Blake Edginton
winging it Paul Lucas
Casey neisat
Dennis Bunnik
Jeb brooks

I wouldn’t rlly call Casey neistat at a flight reveiw Channel

The Luxury Travel expert is my go to guy

Used to be a huge fan Ot him
But then I discovered non stop dan(dantrop aviation)
And Sam chui

Definitely simply aviation for me because they are so in depth and focus a lot more on the average traveller in economy than like Sam Chui who only fly first or business class most of the time. So I find simply aviations flight reports more interesting to see.

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Ya but he dosent do voice overs

Prob QFS FlightExperience or Jeb

Did you forget yourself?

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I like to watch Simply Aviation or Sam Chui.

Simply Aviation
Jeb brooks
QFS Aviation
Dennisbunnik travels
One world flyer
Sam chui
And The Luxury Travel Expert (the most proffered foR me)
Wing!it with pall Lucas

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Simply Aviation
DJ’s Aviation

I used to like Sam Chui, but I feel like he isn’t doing any reviews that pertain to say the “average traveler” anymore. To much glitz and glamor in the first class and private jets for me. 🤷🏾‍♂️

Simply Aviation
One World Flyer

nope… Honestly I used to enjoy watching Sam Chui and Darntorp but now they do more of a product showcase than they do actual reviews. Since you only see them pointing out the good things and not mentioning anything bad about the airlines they fly. Mostly because of them being endorsed by the airlines themselves.

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I too like this guy, best youtube channel

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