Favorite Flight Review Channel


So I don’t know about you guys but I know I like watching trip report/flight review youtubers like Jeb Brooks, Dennis Bunnik and so on. Personally my favorite is Jeb Brooks, his personality is perfect for the type of videos. But who do you like best? Leave your commends below and if you like this topic click the heart button and if you didn’t, click the heart twice.


I personally like QFS Aviation. His videos are nicely done and well put together. ;D


It’s gotta be either SimplyAviation or Wingin’ it Paul


Jeb Brooks all the way!

  • QFS Aviation
  • Jeb Brooks
  • Sam Chui


Wingin’ it Paul Lucas
Inflight Video
Simply Aviation


For the few times I watch trip reports, I like Jeb Brooks


Simply Aviation all the way


I watch many flight review channels, many which have been listed but I think I should highlight one thing, we also have extremely creative and hardworking individuals from this very community producing some which I think are great! I would recommend checking them out aswell as the usual suspect channels.





Nonstop Dan
Jeb Brooks
Simply Aviation

Theirs more, but I can’t think of any right now lol


I trip report
QFS aviation
Mentor Pilot
FLL spotter network


I watch Inflight Video and Winging It Paul Lucas


Dennis bunnies travels, is my personal favorite, however I also like nonstopdan, Jen brooks, and of course winging it with Paul Lucas. (Paul’s trip reports)


I like Dennis non stop dan winging it jeb brooks Sam chui
If there is anyone else who does voice overs pls let me know
I hate flight reviewers that don’t voice over




Probably for me, Dennis or Jeb Brooks. Nonstop Dan is nice sometimes. I don’t really like SimplyAviation because I have to read lmao


I like Jeb Brooks, he always points out the little things which in the end to me matter. He’s always uploading and has a good channel.


Why does everyone say Jen? It’s jeb brooks lol. Autocorrect


Ya but he’s not as professional as Sam chui or non stop dan…


Ooops typo lol