Favorite feature in if

Share your favorite feature in if! i personally appreciate 3d airports alot, makes such a big difference and mby even more when you have been here for a while like myself:)

Is ATC considered a feature? If yes, it’s my all-time favorite. IF has so much to offer in one game. ✌🏻

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I love the flight screen in the cabin of the 757 that shows the distance and time to destination!

It’s amazing how such a small thing can make your flight feel more realistic

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3D Airports.





Can’t name one everything’s great :)

Its ease of us

If that doesn’t count as a feature, then it’d have to be the selection of high quality aircraft and liveries

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Legacy aircraft. Sadly becoming a rarer breed with pretty much every other update.

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Different servers. I enjoy messing around in casual and VA flying in expert.

I love that too! It’s fun to see.

my favorite features are the aircrafts and airports

The whole game

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