Favorite Engine Type

CFM56 here as well. Especially on the airbuses

I love these engines, the Rolls Royce RB211, I like that design, where nothing sticks out the backIMG_0223Not My Photo


Love me the GE90’s and the RR Trent 1000’s. Lean 1B’s are also pretty nice along with the CFM56. I just kinda like plane sounds 😂

Surprised nobody has said the JT8D

Screw all of your pointless engines, the best one is this one. You’ll get deaf hearing it and it is purley Bad Ass Now thats an engine!


I like the IAE V2500 on the MD90.

Mine is GEnx ones! One the B747-8 & B787 😉👍

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PW4074 and PW4090! I know these are on the JAL and ANA’s 777 of Japan. And I like that.

the GE90 all the way for me. they were so quiet on the b777

  1. GE GenX
  2. GE GenX
  3. GE GenX
  4. GE GenX
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Rolls Royce RB-211, Trent 800, or Trent 1000 for the beauty of the silence

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oh I think u missed GE Genx


I love the ‘buzz-saw’ that the CFM56’s produce on the A320 family during takeoff and climb.

You’re all wrong! 😂 (Everyone is entitled to their opinion)… BUT! THIS is the greatest aircraft engine ever created, and I won’t take no for an answer.
The Rolls Royce Merlin, with the greatest roar and the exhaust flames. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these fly a number of times and even been able to stand right next to one being “spun up”… greatest experience of my life.

credit: BBMF, RAF


Rolls-Royce Trent 900

The big beautiful, quiet A380 engine 😍

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My favorite is definitely the engines on the a320neo. It’s so beautiful!

Source: http://newsroom.lufthansagroup.com/fileadmin/data/themen/a320neo/impressionen/A320_Neo_004.jpg


GE90, Leap 1B, CFM56, JT8D

GE9x, GE90, and CFM56-7B.

Oh the GE90! The GE90! Is the one for me.

Yes that is a reference to the Krusty Krab pizza song

My favorite engine powered the jet age. The iconic JT8D by Pratt & Whitney powered the 727 series, the 737-200, the DC-9 series, and the MD-80 series. Not to mention that they’re still in operation after all these years. That distinct buzz saw sound is so much better compared to the pathetic whisper that all newer engines sound like.

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