Favorite Engine sound

What plane in IF has the best engine sound?

It’s the A-10 for me! The devs did a great job on it, sounds super realistic. I hope to see it come to other aircraft like the CRJ in the future.


For me it’s the TBM. It was the first aircraft on IF to get such realistic sounds and I can’t get enough of it!


Hard to say because every aircraft has the Same engine sound.

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Engine sounds of aircrafts are like chainsaw in IF. I hope it will be changed to realistic sounds. Also until the runway, while taxiing, aircraft sounds are like coach. So i don’t have favorite engine sound in IF but i hope and i guess they will add realistic sounds.


No they don’t, the A10 and TBM have actual sounds.


The PT6 on the TBM

I love the TBM’s PT6 sound. I feel that the A-10 sound needs some itsy-bitsy tweaks.

The A-10 at 100% throttle and the TBM while it spools up to idle are my favorites so far! Crank that sound up 🔊 ✈️


I think all jet engines have about the same sound:(

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I just live the Dash 8 Turbo Prop sound


i love the jet engines in crusing from a camera behind the plane, can’t stop singing the noise!

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YES. Oh my god, yes. I love the sound of the engine spinning up.

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I love the TBM sound since it’s the only sound of its kind in IF.

Yeah but all the other aircrafts has the Same.

The A-10 is a 10 out of 10 in regards to sound. (Pun intended). 😜

Certainly is my favourite for sure!

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777 GE90 ofc

The roaring of the A10 is hard to beat

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