Favorite edited photos in real life

Post some of your favorite edited photos IRL. Here are some of mine enjoy :)


So nice! It really is amazing to see the type of edits people can do!

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These are edited? Wow. They look like paintings to me.


I was thinking the same

Have you used prisma? That’s how it looks when you edit with prisma, you can download it on your phone 😉


Yeah like @Andrew_Anane said Prisma is a great app to use I just got it and I love it I am going to use it when I edit my photos


Could we next time get the real photis too so we can make the comparisons I think that would be pretty cool nice edits btw.

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I’ll see if I can post them now :)

Great photos!

I guess you made those with the app Prisma

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They could definitely give a guide for someone to actually paint those pictures. I’ve never seen anything like it!

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