Favorite cruising altitude!


Doesn’t matter. It can be classified anyway


Between 28000 and 38000 is where I fly the most so I guess that


In the real world, ATC will assign you an altitude, taking into account your requested altitude, traffic conditions, and of course the FAR.

The aircraft designer for each aircraft will use a formula to calculate typical values, which will be included in the aircraft’s operating handbook.

The table below is listed by pressure altitude and gross weight. At each combination there will be performance values such as:

  • Average N1 (for a turbine)
  • Max TAT for thrust rating
  • IAS Knots
  • Mach number
  • ISA fuel flow LB/HR/ENG
  • ISA TAS Knots

The flight distance will determine the approximate gross weight, which corresponds to an altitude and cruise speed that provide the best efficiency. Here is an example from a virtual 737 handbook, with the values listed. The optimum performance is in blue. Higher gross weights have been removed for clarity.

Airlines may have their own performance tables, choosing a custom balance of efficiency and speed. Dispatchers for the airline will take the flight information and decide on a cruising altitude for filing the flight plan, which the pilot will then receive. As you can see, as the aircraft burns fuel and gets lighter, it will be more efficient at higher altitudes. This is a step climb, where the aircraft will climb to higher altitudes as the flight progresses when they are cleared by ATC.

Modern planning systems can take into account weather factors such as winds aloft and turbulence to pick the most efficient route.

Source: https://aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/3272/how-do-pilots-decide-what-their-cruising-altitude-will-be/3284#3284

If you were going to try to replicate what cruising altitude to use then you’d have to look at the above things on your own to before taking off. My answer is; whatever is the most efficient.


I always check some previous flights on the route I fly on flightradar24.com, and I fly at that cruising altitude.


340!! Beacause I’m scared that I will stall when I go any higher 😂😂😂


Whatever is most efficient 🤷🏻‍♂️


I like to fly usually at FL360 is not too high or low to me,and also different if is more efficient.


I’ll give you a tip! When wanting to fly at high altitudes… cruise at 28,000ft for at least 5 minutes and get some speed, then climb up to 41,000ft, this works!


My fav crusing alt would have to be 36,000ft, or FL360, this is because it’s the altitude i was flying at to and from Alicante (LEAL) with Monarch A320, which was my first flight :)


not necessarily a favorite… but if I fly east i usually go FL370 for a short/medium haul and FL360 when going west.


I normally cruise at 32 000ft - 37 000ft at 300kts - M0,80 :) ;) <3 <3


This… 💯 this


FL380 - FL420 Depends on what routes mostly FL400


A favorite? Hmm, well I always fly realistic routes with the exact same aircraft used on that route by that airline on that specific day, and fly therefore at whatever altitude that aircraft flew on. And do the step climbing as the real life flight did.

So for an example, right now today (January 11th, 2019), I’m flying EK 513, a 777-300ER from Delhi to Dubai and the flight IRL flew at FL280 the whole way, so that’s what I’m doing to. I try to replicate Cargo and Passengers load based on season (Turism or not), departure airport, aircraft type and airline, then there’s few other factors that are counted too. But all in all, these calculations I make, and semi-predictions about Pax and Cargo load, also decides the altitude I fly on for me. I try to get a balance of the both, and still make it possible to fly to the flight level the IRL plane flew.

Basically, I replicate the real life flight and after doing all these, very simple math, I set off, and climb to my initial altitude, the same as… well, you know it by now ;)


I don’t have a specefic one… I keep changing altitudes with reference to direction,airframe and aircraft weight.


The one the same flight and same plane fly irl. If ga then I just see how the plane flys


For me it’s gotta be FL360.


Whatever simbreif is in the mood for…?


Aircraft smaller than the 767: FL320
Aircraft larger than the 767: FL360


I don’t know why I have just always cruised at these altitudes.
Domestic (Short/Medium Haul) FL320
International (Long Haul) FL360