Favorite cruising altitude!

Hey Avgeeks! Interesting question! What is your favorite cruise altitude on flights at least 3 hours? Personally my favorite is 41,000ft,40,000ft & 39,000ft! Would love to hear yours!


For a 3 hour flight? I would usually climb to 37,000ft and maybe step climb to 39,000ft. It depends what aircraft I’m using…


I don’t really have a favourite… They’re all very similar to me. I always use what’s realistic, but I guess it’s cool to fly like FL430 in a dreamliner 🤷‍♂️


you shouldn’t have a fixe altitude normally

for a 1 - 2:30h flight (all through the RVSM circulation rules), I stand at FL350-340 initially.

To begin a longhaul flight also FL330-320 (if I’m very heavy), then after many step climbs, to end at FL390-FL400 (it depends to the aircraft used) 787 or 330.

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I average FL380

Well, let’s be realistic. You should use real data to cruise an airplane. You shouldn’t choose randomly. A cruising altitude is where the aircraft will perform the best (fuel usage, etc.), and it also depends on the weight of the aircraft and length of the flight. I don’t think FL400 is very realistic on a 150NM route. I usually use Simbrief to give me the ideal flight level.

But honestly the most beautiful flight level to cruise on is FL600. It was done by the concord and the view was just breathtaking.


Whatever the computer tells me :) (simbrief).


Long Haul FL 400 to FL 420
Mid-Haul FL 350
Short-haul FL 320

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I can’t stand flying unrealistically. So I use flight aware and other flight planning stuff to fly exactly as the plane that fly’s that specific route.


Hahaha I’ve never heard of a favorite altitude. That’s a good one.


I don’t really have a favorite

City hop (less then 30 minutes)
Short Haul (About an hour)
Medium Haul (2-4 hours)
Long Haul (5+ hours)


Me too. You fly at a level according to your heading or route.😆

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Depends on the duration, and also im looking for realism by checking the flight altitude of my flight on Flightradar24 for example.

1 - 2/4/6 hrs = FL330/360/370
Above 8 hrs = Depends on what aircraft that i use (and might be the condition too)

I usually use SimBrief and FlightAware to calculate my cruising alt, so I try to keep it realistic. But if I had to pick, I’d choose FL410

My cruise altitudes have ranged from 15000ft to 45000ft and I would say my favourite ones are FL370/380/390/400/410

I like it when the wind blows straight to my back… 👀

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my cruise would have to be for 12 hour flight about 40,000 -46,000

Actually Mid-haul is 3-6 hours.

39K-41K is a bit high for 3 hours unless it’s a 787/A330 lightly loaded. I’ll generally take a look on FlightAware/Flightradar24 at the cruise altitudes of the last few real world flights that flew/are flying the route I’m on and choose one of those (usually based off which ones had the best groundspeed) and input that into simbrief. US Northeast Coast to Florida is usually my destination for a 3 hour flight. Generally the altitudes will be FL340-FL360 depending on load factor.

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Firstly I conduct flights under RVSM rules (mag headings 360 - 179) odd altitudes and (mag headings 180 - 359) even constraints and if VFR +500 feet and compliance with airspace rules. Generally speaking it’s solely how heavy I am, I use Simbreif to calculate my load performance and it will give me the respected cruising alts. high altitudes with heavy weights is not a efficient at all and vice versa, i,e, a light aircraft wouldn’t cruise at a low altitude.

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