Favorite Callsigns

We should have a feature so you could pick favorite callsigns and have a list of them so you don’t have to scroll through the whole list to switch them. Also you could be able to save your custom GA callsigns.


I don’t quite get what you mean…

So you know how there is a huge list of commercial aviation prefixes? (Eg. American), I am requesting that you are able to have a separate list of ones you have selected from that list that you use most often.


Like that ypu can start or make it your favorite so you cna find it easyer in a other smaller list. This is what ypu mean right?

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It is not really necessary. I mean the 2 Minutes to choose a callsign everybody have


Yes that is what I mean

2 minutes is a long time when it could be 5 seconds

I cant imagine that you are so stressed

I believe a search feature for callsigns would be more efficient ;)


I won’t scroll for 2 mins for a callsign. In those 2 mins I could help cause world peace, help the homeless, and have a right law system. But that can’t happen if the 2 minutes are used to look for a callsign. But hey I never change my callsign.


U forgot the free health care.
But at OP good request

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Lol, I think this is a good idea and could be implemented with GA callsigns to because I am part of multiple VA’s and one requires me to use a specific callsign but when I am flying for another VA or going to an event I won’t be using that callsign so it would be easier to just switch between ur most used callsigns


Yep you save the World in 2 Minutes…respect!
But you never change your callsign so you dont need the requested Feature

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I do… If i ever change it… and that’s never. :P

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Nice explanation 😅

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Not sure why this feature hasn’t gotten more love!

I think it’s a great idea. Between flying for a Virtual Airline and also enjoying my time doing GA flights, it’s annoying to have to scroll all the way to JetBlue each time, and then also retype my GA callsign whenever I switch back.

A “favorites” tab would be SUPER convenient for switching between my GA and commercial callsigns. Still can’t believe more people haven’t requested this!

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Please do not comment on topics that are over 1 year old. Just a Basic forum rule :)

Well i was going to request this exact feature, and noticed that it had already been requested… So how else would I have given my vote for this without making a duplicate topic, which seems much worse than digging up an older topic.

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