Favorite Boeing Aircraft

The F/A-18E/F Super Hornet for me

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Tough one. My number one if I could only choose one would be the B757. Love that plane!

I also love the 787, 737-200 (it’s a classic!) & the 707. Imho all the boeings are great but these 4 are my favorite.

I’m excited for the 737 MAX, will be really cool.


Definitely the 737-800 w/ blended winglets & a very close second 737-900ER w/ split scimitar winglets 😍

Yeah :) Too bad not all 737 has split scimitar winglets. If the whole 737 fad split scimitar winglets, that would beat the a320 definitely (and the a320 is my favorite plane lol)

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Everybody is focusing on Boeing why no love to Airbus, why no favorite Airbus poll.

There is one. It is just closed due to inactivity. Ask a mod if you can create another one if you want to continue this topic :)

I hate Airbus I just said what I said because I could.😂

@SkyHighGuys @ewanfleming uhhh my bois. We got a hater up in here ^^^^^^. Be carefull of what you say, there are many airbus lovers (inculding me) that are on this forum. Don’t want to start a Boeing vs. Airbus war. jkjkjk lmfao :) Why don’t you like airbus though?


I only like one Airbus aircraft and that is the A380.

777 is my favourite. It’s one of the best airliner I’ve ever flown before ❤

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737-800 is my favourite. It’s not that big, but it can go a long way. I also like the 787 and 747.

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For me, 727, I’ve always been a sucker for Trijets

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My favorite aircraft is the 777-300er.

You should do airbus I would vote

HMmm as a A320 lover surprisingly I’ll say 737NG or 757

757! A very underrated aircraft imho.

Sadly they’re out of production. I think Boeing would have a lot to gain if they continued producing & improving the 757.

They are, it looks like the new 797 will be a 757 replacement. See https://leehamnews.com/2017/05/10/airbus-can-kill-boeing-797/

As for my suggestion to this thread- I’d hand it to the 747-8, especially in the Cargolux livery. There is no other plane that combines old and new so well!

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Boeing 747 is my favourite BOEING Aircraft

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