Favorite Boeing 737 Series (poll)

so if you love flying on the MAX, you love flying on B737 NG’s? I don’t understand what is so special about about the MAX compared to other B737’s. They are just more dangerous.

NG is the best in my opinion the look the best too

Hey, who says I can’t love flying on both?

What’s so special about the MAX is that the cabin is absolutely beautiful, her winglets are stunning, her engine sounds are one of a kind, her engines are also very quiet, and I love the views when I take pictures out the window with the wing of the MAX in the picture! :D

I don’t consider the MAX dangerous at all and I would love to fly on her again whether her software was fixed or not.

It really breaks my heart to see that she is grounded. It really does. :(


Thank you everyone for 200 votes!

Almost only a week left! How many more votes can we get?

The MAX is lit

4 Days left!!

Less than a day left! How many more votes can we get?

I’ve flown on the max a couple of times and it is truly a brilliant aircraft.

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I’ve never been on a MAX, want to though. I believe it will be the safest plane in the skies after this.


Only 18 hours left!!

Yes sir it indeed will be! It is a very smooth ride and has a very quiet cabin. Even during takeoff you can hardly hear the engines.

Greediness? Isnt that what capitalism is? Airbus wants to make money just as much as Boeing. Pretty sure they didnt want the accidents to happen, as that hurt their stock. However, Airbus is not in the same category of a company as boeing as Airbus takes billions of dollars in illegal subsidies from the European union.

I’m a sucker for the elderly 737-100/200s

Thank you to everyone for voted!



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