Favorite Boeing 737 Series (poll)

Yeah, everyone has their own opinions, but I was just stating my own and my feelings about it.

If you think the MAX is useless, your choice.

But I stand by the fact that the new engines and fuel efficiency help to reduce pollution and that MCAS was developed for a good cause, not to put airplanes in unnecessary dives. I like that Boeing is fixing the MCAS right now and its software, so when the airplanes are flying again, I will happily try to book a ticket on the MAX.

Have a good day!

PM me if you want to discuss more.

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That’s a great reply! Thanks for sharing your suggestion :)

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Here are the results so far, Thanks for voting everyone!

737 Max: 41.5%
737 NG: 45.8%
737 Classic: 10.2%
737 Original: 2.5%

This thread was not made to argue about the 737 Max, please keep those opinions to yourself, or if you really disagree with someone, then you can PM them and (in a polite way) ask them why they wrote what they did.

Thank you!

I see, a man of culture as well :D

Don’t @ me

I have voted the Boeing 737 NG because I like they fresh new style, but LOVE the roar/buss on takeoff!

The max at NG are neck and neck Lul weird

Thank you for your responses, they have been recorded.

Agree and thanks for trusting in Boeing with the max

Sorry for being a little of topic

But I also say the max

The og 737: the classic. It’s where the 737 began after all! But tbh I like them all. Even though the MAX has/had a fatal flaw, Boeing is fixing it to improve safety and I love the look of the max.

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Almost to 150 votes! Thank you IFC!

Whooho! one hundred and fifty votes!!!

edit: 154 votes!!

737 NG and the Max are almost neck and neck!

Let’s see if we can get this to 200 votes!

omg my new phrase! lol

Only 16 days left! Let’s see if we can get this to 200 votes!

If you want the 737 Max series in IF, then put your vote in here:

Once Boeing fixes the problems with the plane, I’m confident that it will be one of the safest aircraft in the sky.

Agreed, but I also hope it’s soon!

This is very true, however I believe that in aviation, so much money is invested into aircraft creation, testing etc. That what has happened with Boeing shouldn’t have happened in the first place. I can’t see how such a problem slipped through agencies such as the FAA… even when pilots were reporting the problem, no action was taken because Boeing didn’t want to hinder their public image. In the first crash, Boeing were haste in saying pilot error brought the plane down… and to this day, have not actually admitted that there is a lethal fault with the airplane. Boeing only took action to fixing the fault when over 300 people lost their lives. And for that to happen to spur Boeing into fixing a fault they made, I find personally Boeing’s actions to be a disgrace to the aviation industry.

Here are the current results to keep everyone updated:

  1. 737NG; 44.9%
  2. 737 Max; 43.9%
  3. 737 Classics; 7.5%
  4. 737 Originals; 3.7%