Favorite Boeing 737 Series (poll)

Hello IFC, sorry if this is a duplicate, but… I would like to know your choice of your favorite Boeing 737 series.
Please choose below,

Let’s see if we can get to 250 votes!

  • 737 Original
  • 737 Classic
  • 737 NG
  • 737 Max

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I will use the info to create a pie chart!

If you want the 737 Max series then vote for it here!:

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The MAX…omg the MAX…

I absolutely


The Boeing 737 MAX family! :O :D


Thank you for voting, I love the series too.


The classic and Max!


I love that max series just a shame about everything

I had to pick one but If it was multi choice I would say 737 MAX and 737NG

Classic . The plane ride feels more because it often shakes, especially during landing or turbulence , based on my experience on 737-500,(if not 400)

The MAX, it’s just amazing in every way, Except MCAS.

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why wld u love the max when it has a fatal problem and made by a company who cares more about profits compared to a finished product


Classic -100 and -500 man!

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I would like for you to prove this statement. Because if it is evident, Boeing would have a lot of problems not only right now but for their whole life. Before the MAX incidents, Boeing was bigger than Airbus. That wouldn’t be true if they “care more about profits compared to a finished product.”

I do agree that there is a fatal flaw present on the MAX but that doesn’t mean that it should be hated. I absolutely love the MAX, I absolutely LOVE flying on the MAX (which I did back in February), and after the MAX flies again, I will for sure fly that airplane again. I will fly that airplane anytime.


I like NG the most but also classic. I don’t like the Max at all, until it’s sorted out I wouldn’t be saying I love it either. I just won’t love an unstable plane. But NG is very nice

I’m a fan of the 737-900 and the 737-Max8

Boeing are a bigger company because they’ve been in the industry for over 10p years. Fair enough they’ve been in problems but the rushed development of the MAX has lost my respect for Boeing. American Airlines was (I believe) the first American carrier to sign up for the new 320 NEO back in 2010. Boeing said that if they could half the order so they could have half the potential profits if they also gave a new engined version of the 737. This is fair enough.

But Boeing didn’t even have a new engined 737 in development and because of the want for quick profits as shown by this example, had to develop the almost 50 year old airplane again. Without starting from scratch, Boeing had to move the placement of the engine up and forward because there is simple not enough room underneath the 737 because the 320 lies physically higher above the ground compared to the Boeing. So because of there being no room for the bigger engine on the 737, they move up and forward. Therefore they change th COG and COL of the airplane therefore the easy transition into the MAX would not be true because the old airplane would not handle like its predecessor (737NG). Airbus’ NEO would handle like its predecessor because of no significant changes to the COG or COL.

So Boing come up with MCAS… the unknown system that pitched downward when the airplane believes its in a stall. The reason this system is here in the first place is because Boeing wanted some of the cash from American quick and easy… instead of taking time and creating a finessed product, they don’t. They bash out the testing and still deny to this day that there is actually no fault with the airplane. It’s a disgrace

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I think this article may be an interesting read for you.


In all honesty when it comes to debating about such an event, i dont think anyone would care about ones love towards something. They’d only care about the facts.

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To be honest, none of them. If I had too choose one, I would say the -400, as I’ve flown on them many times when I was younger… But apart from that, I would stay away from Boeing until their greediness is sorted out

Im flying out to california in july from london and was given the option to fly on a 737 or a320 on the departing flight from San francisco to los angeles and then on a dreamliner to london.

I chose the a320.

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Well, you made the right choice ;)

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@Brad_Jones, Boeing developed the MAX because they wanted a new version of the B737. The NGs are already good as they are but they wanted to create an airplane that was more modern and fuel efficient than what they already had. So, they created the MAX family with the MCAS, which was intended to help the airplane recover if she had a stall. Little did they know that the MCAS was going to be the cause of hundreds of people. As of right now, the airplane is grounded worldwide and you know what Boeing is doing right now? They are fixing the airplane and her software and send the new plans to the FAA for approval.

There is a difference between Airbus and Boeing. Airbus wanted to preserve most of the technology they had on their regular A320s and their A320Ns. Boeing wanted change. There will be bumps in changes, but its all about development. The DC-10 had more fatal incidents than the MAX, but people continued supporting McDonnell Douglas. Right now, Boeing is fixing its flaws and would take the 2 incidents into heart. They would not want to lose money like this again, so of course they would do anything to prevent this.

@Hamza.N, here is the reason why I love the MAX so much:

The Boeing 737 MAX was created to be the new generation of the B737 family. The NGs are already good as they are, but it would be nice to have a brand new airplane that is more modern and fuel efficient compared to the NGs.

And I have been on a MAX before back in February. The engine sounds were new, improved and quiet. The plane herself is beautiful. Her winglets are unique and stunning.

More on facts than emotions:

  • The airplane is more fuel efficient compared to the NGs
  • The airplane has engines that are quieter, so to reduce the number of noise complaints.
  • The airplane creates less pollution as they are more fuel efficient and have improved engines. This helps satisfy many environmentalists who are overly stressed about the nature of our planet.

About the issue that Boeing rushed the development of the MAX and knew about the flaw, I don’t know if that is true or false, but what I can say is that before the grounding of the MAX, thousands of flights a day were operated by the MAX and pretty much all of them went well. While it is shocking to see 2 crashes involving this brand new airplane, it can’t all be blamed on Boeing. The article also stated that the FAA knew about the issue, but initially stated that the airplane was safe to fly. Of course, lessons were learned from the incident, but one cannot say that all blame was to be on Boeing or that Boeing is greedy and all that. It’s best to look at it from the fact that Boeing developed the MCAS to help recover from stalls, not create dives.

Again, this is my thoughts on the MAX. If your favorite 737 series is the classic or the NG or the original, that’s absolutely fine with me. But please don’t take your anger out on the MAX because that was not what this thread is about.

I simply answered my question and gave my honest opinion on it.

And I still stand by the phrase “If it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t goin.”

Have a nice day


Well everyone has their own opinions. I can tell from your replies that you stand by Boeing’s side, which is totally ok! Everyone has their preferences… But the MAX is just a useless update to the NG, which was the perfect aircraft IMO, but with added features like MCAS, and the different engine placement, which turned out to be deadly. So what if Airbus has made the Neo version?

At least they update the system and add better fuel preserving engines, that actually help. The 737’s cockpit is just dated compared to Airbus. But hey, everyone has their own preferences… But here’s the thing about Boeing; you can’t run without learning how to walk.

Thats Boeing’s main problem. They used two different types of technology, that are totally different… But still chose to rush into Being the “best aircraft producer.”But yet again, let’s not get side tracked here.

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