Favorite ATC Operation

Just curious…What is your favorite ATC Operation? I love to provide approach ATC…especially at busy airports like EGLL


I’m with approach! So fun!


Tower, it’s the medium difficulty one :)


Which one is best?

  • Ground
  • Tower
  • Approach
  • Departure

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Favorite is approach, it really tests your abilities to learn about approaches into airports and how to help aircraft navigate correctly.


Ground and tower at busy airports (excluding lax and JFK… those airports are hopeless)


Anything that doesn’t rain down the depths of Grade F amateurs from the heavens above, threatening to consume the Live servers in a fiery inferno, razing all life ensconced within. Woe to the ignorant and restless.

My bones are the earth, the skin is my sky.

This is what 2.5 years of controlling does to you, you know. Natch.


Well, I like to man tower but departure is nice when flying. Great topic love to see some polls possibly? Thanks :)

Well there kinda is a poll…

If you don’t call that a poll, I don’t know what is…


Flying is my favorite but I love controlling CLT ground and tower.

My favorite operation is the go around! lol but I’d have to approach as ive worked the tower for 12 years…


Either Tower or Approach, I love watching planes take off and land!

I was going to say Line Up And Wait. Such anticipation just sitting there with the strobes on, ready to hit the gas! ;)

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I enjoy tower the most, especially at KASE because I like watching my aircraft crash into the mountains

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I didn’t think about… seeing someone come down the pipe… wondering if you’ll get an expedite as you’re already spoolled up a tad

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Impulsive violent tendencies will be covered in our humanities briefing at 0300Z next Monday. There are safer ways to express yourself in the workplace.


Busy airports ground. Though I’m getting a feel of tower now

I Love controlling Approach, right now I’m an ATC Specialist but I’ll be able to control Approach soon 😁 Also controlling busy airports as tower it’s amazing!

Tower cause then I can judge and critiscize everyone else’s landings.

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There’s no need whatsoever to have a poll. The point of this topic is to see what people like in their own writing. Your poll is basically exactly what this topic is about, so you probably don’t need it.🤦🏻‍♂️