Favorite and least favorite airlines

What airline do you miss the most? But keep it civil if we don’t want this to get closed, so don’t have arguments, or be posting things like “American is the absolute Worst how is that in Best…” or other things to clearly start an argument, also people don’t need to say which airlines they voted, I made the results public so everyone ALREADY KNOWS if they want to. Constructive DISCUSSION is alright, but ARGUMENTS are not…

What airline do you miss the most

  • US. Airways
  • North West
  • Pan Am
  • Air Tran
  • Monarch
  • Air Berlin

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What airline do you like the most?

  • Emirates
  • American
  • Lufthansa
  • Qantas
  • British Airways
  • Delta

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What Airline do you hate the most?

  • Spirit
  • Ryan Air
  • United
  • Allegiant Air
  • Air Koryo
  • Copa Airlines

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Although it would be cool to see pan am again, I don’t think they would survive long as the us market has standardised and it would be too hard to get back investors and frequent customers

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I voted Pan Am on the first one because they were always a well known airline and I guess I just liked Pan Am and Air Koryo on the last one (no explanation needed). I didn’t vote for the second one because you put only 6 airlines out of so many, my favourite (Singapore Airlines) wasn’t on this list.

The first poll had no point to it so I voted all :). The second was American. Although their stocks and profits are somewhat low, they provide excellent service not only to and from you destination, but during as well. The third one, was simply United. Air Koryo and Ryan Air are ones I am not “hateful” towards, but less knowledged of why I actually “hate them” Btw, congratulations on member ;).

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Seems we have one clear forerunner

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I hate Emirates and American. I said Spirit was my least favorite because I mean I don’t like em either.

Sorry I realize that it was what Airline do you miss the most, some how this got moved to the front of the paragraph by mistake, sorry for any inconvenience

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When none of your options are on there lol

I’m sorry aussies I’m not voting qantas 😜😂

If air nz was there that’s what I would pick.

Sorry that not all the airlines for each group are there, I tried to think of the top few from each group, unfortunately not all could be put on one poll, but they would be awesome

I miss Ansett Australia the most. They were the largest Australian regional and domestic airline, and they were part of Star Alliance. I hate United the most for giving air travel a bad name recently and making me miss my connecting flight.

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I would vote for United in Airlines I like the most. I have Premiere Gold status and have never had a bad experience.


To be honest, you can’t nessacarily hate an airline unless they have encountered bad service or a reputation towards yourself. We apply what we hear on the media and apply it to our mental mind.

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I would vote United as my favorite airline (but you had to put it as the worst 🙄, they’re not that bad)

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How is American, BA and Delta above ANA(JAL), Cathay, Singapore or Qatar?

Ya that was a mistake, seems people aren’t so happy with my choices, so what I will do is take the winners from each of these categories and put them against other airlines in that category, and see if they are still best, worst, or most missed

You should’ve put Delta under the worst airline section instead of the best. Horrible customer service, uninformed employees, delays, breakdowns, and damage to personal belongings have been my experience with them. Oh, did you know they ship your lost items to a third party company in Scottsboro, Alabama? Everything stays in a warehouse and then is sold at a nearby store.

I miss Ansett too,
My dad used to work for them before they flopped
Now he works for Qantas

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In my opinion United is a hit or miss. Most times I would have a great flight with United and no problems. But the few times that me and my family had problems with United were bad. The aircraft wasn’t working or something and we had a long delay once. Then there was something with customer service where my mom was arguing with them. But it’s like a 75% chance you get a great flight with no issues or you have a 25% chance where your flight will be all jacked up.

I put united as a bad airline as a joke, in retrospect this was a mistake, I did fly woth them once, and had a great experiance

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I don’t regularly fly any of the airlines in either the favorite or hated poll so I have very little if any opinion to vote with.

Most missed for me is Northwest and Air Berlin. I flew with Northwest regularly when I was younger. Air Berlin because Captain Joe. That Calvi Captain only approach was pretty neat to watch.