Favorite and best routes in infinite flight to do?

Im not sure if this is already a topic but I couldn’t find any, well I would like to know what has been a route in IF you have really liked long haul/short/medium and some suggestions oh and which do you think is the best?


I recently did a multi-leg journey from KSEA - KBZN - KDEN - KBOI - KLAX - KBIL, it was so good it beat out my longtime favorite of KSEA - PAJN. Whether you do one leg, or the entire flight, I’d highly recommend you give it a try, because it was insanely fun and the scenery was awesome.

I used the Alaska CRJ-700 in case you’re wondering.


Thanks! i’ve been looking on doing KSEA-PAJN for a while now so I will probably do it soon.

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Lfpg-eham dutchbird 757

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Very big plane though

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I mostly enjoy KSFO-EGLL or KSFO-LFPG. it’s amazing to me.

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here’s my top all on the American 777-300ER



Takeoff from KHPN and enter the Hudson Corridor. Then 500ft or below under the KJFK bravo along the beach so you can fly 2nms away from the airport, under arrivals and departures. Then land at KFRG.


Any 14+ hour flight to/from the Pearl River Delta. Always love the routes, the scenery, and the traffic there.


I don’t really have a specific flight I love but I tend to fly mostly shortish regional hops rather then a transatlantic long haul or something, I like them and it just works better for me 🤷‍♂️

running up and down the west coast of North America in a GA aircraft. Plenty to see and a good time burner

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Don’t forget @MishaCamp’s super-popular blog articles featuring great routes to fly using Infinite Flight!

More by Misha:



My favourite route at the moment is a long-haul one, made possible by the addition of the A330-900neo.

The route is:

  • Campinas (SBKP) to Fort-Lauderdale (KFLL) in an Azul A330-900neo.

My favourite would be Singapore to Zurich

My flightplan always show that I will be flying above the Himalayas and descending over the alps

In real life Singapore Airlines uses the A350-900 I think(Before that they used the A380) but I use the A330-300 because majority of my flights to Europe is always flown by the A350-900

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KATL-KHPN for a nice 2-hour hop from down south to a small, 3D airport near the bustling traffic of New York City’s John F. Kennedy. Love doing it.

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Im definatley doing thats soon.

Ive been looking on doing that one will probably do it somday this week.

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I love flying to the any of the Greek islands on a 757 either Tui or Jet2!

you fly over the mountains on the approach into LA

My favorite route on IF is: Quito (UIO - SEQM) to Miami (MIA - KMIA) on American Airlines’ Boeing 757. Amazing landscapes while departing Quito and descending into Miami !

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