Favorite American Airports

I know I created a thread like this but for Canadian airports (Sorry for not adding CYVR btw)
But know I would like to know what your favorite American airport is!
Please state why you like the airport in the reply section down below and if you picked other tell us which airport you are talking about. :)

Sorry if I didn’t put the airport you wanted I have a limit of 20 options per poll. :)

  • KATL (Atlanta)
  • KLAX (Los Angeles)
  • KORD (Chicago)
  • KDFW (Dallas)
  • KDEN (Denver)
  • KJFK (New York)
  • KSFO (San Francisco)
  • KSEA (Seattle)
  • KLAS (Las Vegas)
  • KEWR (New York)
  • KIAH (Houston)
  • KMIA (Miami)
  • KBOS (Boston)
  • KMSP (Minneapolis)
  • KFLL (Fort Lauderdale)
  • KDTW (Detroit)
  • KSLC (Salt Lake City)
  • KIAD (Washington)
  • PHNL (Honolulu)
  • Other

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There are a lot of options so I suggest you take your time picking your airport.
Thank you for taking the time to read my thread :)


My favorite airport is PDX because of its great food great atmosphere and amazing destinations from it and Blue Star Donuts.


San Francisco ftw

Never been to the US 😛

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My fav is KEWR because It’s a very clean and nice airport and it’s a major base for one of my favorite airlines United Airlines (Please don’t make fun of my opinions.)

I am going to make a “Favorite European Airports” thread tomorrow so maybe you’ve flown in Europe and you can vote. :D

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DCA is my favorite!

I can see that by your name lol

My favorites are AUS, CLT, and BWI

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I can’t see this thread lasting particular long, but if I had to choose I’d probably say La Guardia. Nice airport that

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That thread is favorite “airline” though.

It’s refering to the fact we get lots of “what is your favourite” topics on the forum. The RWA category gets full of these. In the pinned topic it’s described “these are your aviation experiences external to infinite flight”. Idk it’s hit and miss, but these topics have been getting closed a lot recently

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Oh… okay.

Kbos because of how modern it is

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SEA takes my vote, you can’t deny the Alaska Air lounges are stunning nor the fact the whole airport is too 😍

and MCO comes in second, if anyone was wondering

LaGuardia gang. Possibly the best airport (terminal) in the U.S. now.

Creds to NY governor.


Woahhhh it went from one of the worst looking airports in the country (possibility the worst) to one of the best looking!

@Ishrion I agree since the renovation KLGA was really close to being my new favorite airport.

LaGaurdia is pretty neat. Love the new terminal. For me it’s a tie between LGA and DEN

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MCO and SJU. 😛