Favorite Airport to Have a Layover In

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I personally think SFO is a pretty cool airport to have a layover in. Home to many airlines, it makes for a fun terminal spotting experience if you have the time.


  • Lots of airlines for terminal spotting

  • Nice restaurants if your’e hungry

  • Clean restrooms if you drank or ate too much on the plane


  • It is a big airport, so there is a lot of ground to cover

  • Most airline’s connection times at SFO are very short, so it is a lot of hustling and bustling if you are stuck on that one flight with a short connection

  • It seems to be quite crowded at SFO so if you have a good amount of time to rest before your flight, not much seats will be open to sit down and relax.

Layover Airport Rating: 9/10

Surely this is more like what is your favourite airport, lay over or not they will be very similar.


That is true, but there are some differences between the 2 @Chatta290

JFK by far the best for layovers you never can get bored watching the aeroplanes from the terminal ;)

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JFK surely does have some pretty cool airlines and aircraft to spot!

We appreciate your topic and effort.
However, this “Favorite” thing is slowly escalating to the point where we’ll end up having “Please name your favorite check-in disk and at what airport”.