Favorite Airport IRL

As my home airport, it’s definitely one of the best US airports, but VHHH is my favorite! (BTW I changed my username and profile from ZippyAirplane)



this is a complete sentence.

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Oh wassup!


Missoula International airport (Johnson Bell field)
My home airport, home to Neptune aviation, and gateway to Missoula!

So many to choose from. Its a toss up between KCDC (free food for pilots on Fridays) and KHII (Hanger 24 brewing!). Both airports have challenging terrain and WX conditions. Tons of fun to fly into

I guarantee you everybody’s gonna say their home airport, but ENGM in Oslo is literally the best in the world in my opinion.

I love my home airports KDFW and KDAL! I also love KDEN!


The jetways got added end of august early September, construction has been paused for about 1 and 1/2 months because of Corona virus.


DEN (Best airport. Period.)

LGA- New terminal is absolutely amazing and great for terminal spotting
GRR- Small, Easy, Clean, and convenient to fly out of.


Mine is NZQN purely because of the approach. It is so much fun to fly.

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I just love EIDW, OMDB, KORD, VOBL( we’ve got the second runway this year!!), KSTL and KCOU.

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Mine is Mynn and kmia and kstl

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KSNA, KMSP, KDFW, KORD, KEWR, EGCC, KPHX. I know some people would disagree with me on a few 😂
Edit: How could I forget KDEN?! 🤦‍♂️

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Favorite airports, eh?
Well, most of my favorite airports are on my list simply because they mean the most to me. With that out of the way, here’s my list.

KSFO: San Francisco International is really where my love for aviation started. Every year during the summer, my family and I would fly to Ecuador. The feeling of driving to the airport in early hours of the morning really gave me a feeling that I could never describe. It’s not the most luxurious airport in the world. It’s doesn’t have the best terminals. And it certainly doesn’t have the best food. But to me it means something different. Something I can’t explain.

Quito International: I am referring to two airports for this one. The new airport, which is a 30 minute drive from the middle of the city, and the old airport which is in the north but if Quito and has sense been turned into a park. Much like KSFO, it’s not a great airport, but it means a lot to me.

KSTS: Ah, yes. My home airport. Named after the author of the Peanuts comics who lived here in Santa Rosa, Charles M. Shultz Sonoma County airport is a small regional airport. It doesn’t operate a ton of flights, but it did hold the record for shortest flight in the United Stated (KSTS-KSFO). It’s very efficient, although, being in a valley, it often gets delays when the morning fog rolls in. It has a small restaurant and an old aviation museum that has one of the two 9/11 first responder F-18s.

0Q9 (Sonoma Skypark): The airport I train at! Small, and has a single 2500 foot runway. It’s actually small enough that my flight instructor has me fly over to O69 which is a ten minute trip over hundreds of vineyards to do touch and goes.

Honorable mentions:

Definitely love PAJN. Like @Butter_Boi said, it has beautiful scenery and a beautiful approach.

Yes, definitely clean.

Every year I fly to Portland for a tournament. It’s a very cool airport that serves a very cool city.

Yeah, I gotta say Denver has a pretty cool airport as well.

And I’m not sure if anyone has said it yet, but KSAN is pretty cool as well. I love the approach!

Awesome topic @IF_Vamp!


SJC is not my home airport 😏

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LEMD! Madrid Barajas, simply the best <3


San Juan because its hometown and I love it and Orlando! Orlando is beautiful and its an amazing appr

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Montreal CYUL 😍. It’s so beautiful inside!emphasized text

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Found out that the original date of completion which was summer 2020 is not going to happen becuase of the delays due to corona virus and we do t have a new date yet so I gues we have a bit more time left with the old terminal.

Yeah, i was really hoping to see it this year

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