Favorite airport in USA?

If you had to choose the airport you would want to be at in America we’re would you go?
For me I would go to DFW-Dallas Fortworth TX because it is one of my favorite airlines biggest hub and it also has great spotting and is full of excitement.

Is this in the real world or in Infinite Flight @Brody_Swiatek?

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Umm, anything counts

Just think about which airport you like most. :)

He is asking if you want to switch the topic to real world aviation.

I think it is fine being in this section because people post topics like this here.

Also, it is not 100% real world aviation because it is Partially based from Infinite flight

KLAX because you get all sorts of traffic. The Californian weather does make for some good pictures, and I like its straightforward layout too.

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@Nathan @Bobby


I like JFK, I know the entire airport’s layout.


^^ I agree with KSFO

There are so many different “What’s your favorite…” out there already.