Favorite Airplane Livery

What is your favorite Airplane Livery in Infinite Flight?

Southwest heart 738 for sure 💪🏾😉👌🏾

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Nice… I absolutely love Southwest’s heart livery as well

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EasyJet A319 livery by far

787 Orange Pride livery (KLM)

Also a very good one!

Boeing 788 Air Austral 😍

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AirAsia A330-300 😉


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Since when do we have a 787 orange pride?

I’m pretty sure that we have always had it…

I would definitely say, I am not sure.

I of course love the saa livery on the a340 (fun fact, never landed the a340 in first attempt xD) @Springbok777

Also I love the 777-300 Klm Orange pride, just a beauty

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KLM’s Orange Pride livery is only on the 777-300ER.

My favorite livery is the Cathay Pacific 2015 livery on the 777-300ER :D

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Please search before posting. We have had a large number of these types of threads and most exist already.

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