Favorite Airline

What is everyone’s favorite airline and why? Mine is Delta, mostly because they have the most flights out of my local airport. Also I have had great customer service experiences with them.

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Alaska. I believe there is already a thread for this looking right now…

So sorry I am deleting this right now.

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Actually, I surprisingly can’t find another thread, all of them are closed, but at least move this to #real-world-aviation like @Qantas094 said. Don’t close it yet.

Singapore Airlines, flown with them at least 20 times to visit Singapore (family), never had a bad experience! And their new A350 flights from here in Los Angeles make a huge difference.

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Oh… I completely forgot about the RWA TL2 thing. 🤦‍♂️😅

@corbosand To sum it up from what has been said above,

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