Favorite Airline Slogan?

Hello, pilots and controllers of the Infinite Flight Community!

A slogan is one of the most defining symbols of a brand, making it memorable in your mind and shaping your perception of it. Although often used in advertising, it’s still a representation of the values and objectives of a company.

With the aviation industry being one of the largest drivers of progress with people meeting people and ideas being exchanged as a result of their services, the airline industry, and its companies have to represent themselves as part of this important piece of infrastructure of the modern world.

One of my favorite airline slogans that exudes an understanding of the importance of airlines in the aviation industry is FedEx.

The World On Time

This upfront delivery demonstrates that FedEx knows exactly what the responsibilities of their business are to its customers while at the same time wearing this responsibility as a badge of honor. Who wouldn’t want to be the airline that keeps the world on time?

What are your favorite airline slogans and why?


Vistara - Fly the new feeling
cuz it sounds cool


Mine would have to be “That’s Transfarency” by Southwest Airlines. It’s a play on the word “Transparency” which is indicating to its customers that there are no hidden fees. Everything is plain and in sight. You see the cost of your ticket and you aren’t pummeled by additional fees… which is nice. ❤️💙💛

Plus they have a nice ding, clap, clap sound effect that follows that statement.

Great topic idea!


Beat me to it! Southwest is my favorite for sure.


Transparent fares ig…


one more
SpiceJet - Red,Hot,Spicy!
Their service is a bit too spicy at times…but 737s make them good…😁😁


United’s “Fly the Friendly Skies”.
The reason for that is it just makes me feel like I can trust them. I know there has been some questionable things happening with United however the always take care of me when I travel alone. The FA’s are well like the slogan says friendly. I know if I would walk on a United 788 flying from SFO-IAD I would be ok.
Without covid-19 of course.


My personal favorite is United, not their slogan that we all know: Fly the Friendly Skies, but the slogan on their aircraft in the 2019 livery just beneath the cockpit windows:

Connecting People, Uniting the world


Cathay Pacific= Move Beyond
It sounds really simplistic but mean quite a lot


And bye bye old one. I am already in love with this one.


ATA “On ATA, You’re on Vacation”

God I miss this airline 😢


My favorite airline slogan is Delta’s slogan of “Keep Climbing”.


Since my mom like to book tickets off of Frontier Airlines as they are typically the cheapest, here are two that I know.

  1. Low Fares Done Right
  2. A wHoLe NeW aNiMaL

IndiGo :- Lean,clean flying machine


Fedex and United

For me, I have two options.

  1. Frontier’s old “A Whole Different Animal” slogan from around 2003-2014. It was used to show the differientation of Frontier from the other full-service carriers at the time (keep in mind this was before Frontier’s conversion into a ULCC.) It was also painted on each aircraft near the door. A photo is below. (Image credit: Me)
  2. Southwest’s “Low fares. Nothing to hide. That’s transfarency.” - Relating to what Deer said, for the same reasons, as well as that they do have low fares (which is why I’ve been flying them for 6.5 years), they seem to be an open airline, and that all ties into transparency, which is key to be appealing in my opinion.


Old Emirates : hello tomorrow
New emirates : fly better

But the old one is better


Alaska Air doesn’t have a proper slogan nowadays (i don’t think) so I’ll sub it in for “Proudly All Boeing”, which is on the nose of it’s 737 fleet.

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United’s - Connecting People , Uniting the world.

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Excellence in Flight. Korean Air (Advertisement narration)

From Peanut 🥜 Airlines