Favorite Aircraft

I just wanted to ask the IF community what your favorite aircraft is. Do you guys prefer the big jumbo jets like the majestic Airbus A380, or do you love the small but mighty CRJ-500? Comment what your favorite aircraft is down below!

Bonus: comment what your favorite livery for that specific aircraft is. It can be a regular livery or a special/heritage livery.

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Ryanair B737. Butter machine.

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Haha yesss the one we all know and love dearly. Comment #ryanair if you guys have flown Ryanair before and if your landing was Ryanair “butter”.

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777 and 757, I love the Emirates livery for the 777.

B737, B738, B739, B752, and any wide body aircraft!

Nice! I flew out of Orlando the other day and upon departure I witnessed an Emirates 777 land and taxi.

E175(should be obvious), A330-900Neo, BCS3, Q400 , and the B737-700

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Q400 and E175 enthusiast checking in

Although I do like the DC-10, B737-800 and A319 from time to time

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That’s pretty cool! Do you prefer Airbus, Embraer, Boeing, or Bombardier’s CRJ more?

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I love Boeing!

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Of the ones you listed, how many have you been on?

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2x for the Q400 and 5x for the 737-800

I’ve also been on a MAX 9, but we don’t got that in IF so I didn’t include it initially until bringing it up now


I’ve been on a few Emirates 777s, nice to see when waiting at the gate.

A350 (Any), A321neo and 747 (Any), L-1011 and 787-9. My favourite livery on the A350 is either the VS, SQ or CX, the A321neo is any with a mask, particularly Jetstar new livery. 747 is the Qantas Wunala and Nalanji Dreaming, Qantas 1970s (Orange Cheat line), Singapore Tropical, BA Landor and CX Lettuce Sandwich. L-1011 is BA Landor, CX Lettuce sandwich, Dragonair Original. 787-9 is the Qantas standard and Yam Dreaming liveries, UA Evo blue and Aeromexico Quetzalcoatl.

One of many topics that has been created in the past.


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