Favorite aircraft


Hi, whats your giys favorite plane to fly. I like flying the triple 7, 747, and the 767

Favorite plane in Infinite flight and livery
Favourite Aircraft on Infinite Flight
Favorite plane in Infinite flight and livery

Airbus A340, Cessna Citation X and 737BBJ


Dash 8-q400


In game currently i fly the 737-700-800


I like flying the 777-200 and the 737-700.


There is already a topic for this. Please search before you post ((:


I like all triple 7’s and I also like the 757-200


Boeing 707, DC-9, CV-880/-990 for classic jetliners.

747, 767, MD-80, 737 for middle gen jetliners.

787 A350 A340 767 757 for modern jetliners

DC-6, CL-44, Bristol Britannia, Lockheed Connies and Starliner for pistons.

NAMC YS-11, L-188 Electra, Embraer EMB-120, Saab 340, Dash 8 for turboprops

Embraer ERJ, Bombardier CS, BAe 146/Avro RJ for regional jetliners


Pretty much only the 737s, just waiting for the Dash 8 for something different to fly. Starting to fly the ERJ 190 in the meantime just for something different but still a bit challenging. Definitely like the improvements in the flight dynamics that were made to the ERJ.


777-300. Boeing


On Infinite Flight: B772 & B744

On P3D/FSX: A320 & A332.


Probably 757-200 or 737-900ER


777-300ER, 747-400, Airbus a340,a380…I also wish I have 747-8, 737bbj and a330


I currently fly 737-700 and a320


747-400, 737-700, c172, c208, a380, spitfire, F-18 (grapics livery on it could be way better!), b717.

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