Favorite aircraft type to fly in infinite flight

I am looking forward to creating events. I have been promoted to trust level 2. I was wondering what you guys think about what aircrafts I should use?

  • Boeing 737-700-600-900
  • airbus a320 family
  • Bombardier crj 200
  • Embrear ejet
    Airbus a330-300
    airbus a340-600
    Airbus a380
    Boeing 717
    Boeing 747 family
    Boeing 757
    Boeing 767
    Boeing 777 family
    Boeing 787 family
    Bombardier dash 8-Q400
    Cessna 172/208
    Cessna citation x
    Other military aircraft

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I messed up lol Will fix that

Sorry about making duplicate posts but I really messed up on his one and can’t fix it can someone come and close this one for me?

Is this topic meaningful for the community?


Yes I wanted your opinion on what aircaft I should use for my next event

There a thousand upon thousand of similar threads like this maybe taking a look at them by searching them via the search bar will enlighten you on what aircraft is best to use …


Alright I tried searching through and couldn’t find any

I don’t think that poll went as you planned it…

Nope first poll I guess you learn from your mistakes? Cane someone please just delete this topic

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