Favorite Aircraft (IF or RWA)

My new Fav - the Boeing BBJ 777X!





I could never choose between 4 planes in RWA, so my favorite aircraft are… 737MAX8, the A340 ( all variants ),
A330 ( all variants ), and the 777 ( 300ER and then the 200 ). In IF, my favorite aircraft has been the 738 and specifically the FlyDubai one and the Southwest Canyon Blue with split scimitars

IF: Qantas 787-9

RWA: Monarch A320-200

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RWA: 767 family, Embraer 190
IF: A319

Since playing global again, ive decided the Vueling A320 is my new fav in IF :)

In real life my favorites are A340-600(how my profile tells) and A350.

A330-300 for me.

My favorite aircraft to fly IRL is easily the Cessna 172. I own one and I fly it nearly everyday. I find it to be just a super relaxing aircraft to fly in.


737-800 max 8
dash 8 Q400

For IF, it will be Boeing 787. For real world, it will definitely going to be Boeing 777, man im just a huge fan of this fantastic airliner! >_^

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IF - all 777’s
RWA - Beluga XL or Dreamlifter

767-300 (non-ER version) in real life. 737-900 in infinite flight.

(taken by me)
Airbus A330 for the win

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