Favorite Aircraft (IF or RWA)


Airbus A340-600 (A346). No more A340 being built anymore.


The B777 family series, good 4K texture, capable of flying ultra-long flights, it’s beautiful and it’s made by Boeing.


In the real world, my favourite would be the A380. The thing makes such an awesome sound, even from onboard, and the wing views are always awesome.

In IF, my favourite would be split between the beautified B787-9, with its amazing model, and the A380 because even though physics have gone out the window with it, its still good looking and has so much character. Oh, and you get that feeling of towering over other aircraft in game!


RWA: SR22, 787-8 and the raptor.

IF: raptor, A321, KC-10


Real life
Commercial: DH8X family, Embraer 145, Boeing 737NG/MAX
IF: DH8D, TBM 930, Airbus A320 family


My Frav RWA has to be the C-47/DC-3 as I jump out of them & with the up comming 75th D-day Anniversary I hope IF addes this great aircraft.



  • A320 family (especially 321)
  • A330
  • A350
  • ERJ175
  • Dash 8


  • A320/21
  • B757
  • CRJ1000
  • ERJ175
  • DC10
  • MD11


In the real world:

  • F-35
  • Sukhoi Su-27 family
  • Extra 300

In IF:

  • F-22
  • 787
  • TBM-930


In the real world i love the 737 Family and the 757 family in infinte flight 747 and 737 a321 and 757


B787-9 and B777-300er in the real world. A380-800 in IF.


Infinite Flight: B737 family
Real Life: B737 Family


Real Life: Airbus a380, Well, Mostly. It depends on the airline really and how comfortable they make it. I travel on Emirates a380s frequently and it’s probably the most comfortable aircraft iv been on.

Infinite Flight: The airbus a320 family.


Real Life

  • B737/ 738
  • A350xwb
  • 787-8/9/X
  • 77W

Infinite Flight

  • B788/ B789
  • A319/20
  • TBM-930
  • CRJ-200





IRL is:
IF is:


my favovite aircraft is the 737’s 757 and 747 i also like the md 80 airbus a319 and a321


my favotive a321 is Image result for spirit a321 anybody else like this aircraft


Is this even a question?

Boeing 747!


what do you mean is this a question clearly the 747 is better than the a380


Have you ever heard of a little thing called sarcasm?