Favorite Aircraft (IF or RWA)


Nice, I flew that a few months ago


Same! I flew it as DL4 from JFK-FRA


Nice, mine was Madrid to JFK


Definitely the 777 Series. Its been my fav since i was a yute.


triple-7 or the a350 (specifically the -900)


A320 family and the A350! For GA, SR22 and also I really like the a330. Airbus for the win!


In the real life:
A350 the best
And for Infinite flight only the B787 and B747


I like the A320 family in IF, But in real world aviation I like the B-17 Bomber.


By far the A350XWB. I just love it!
In IF it is the MD11.


Favorite IF aircraft is now the CRJ-700. It is just magical :D


I really like the 777-300er in real life. You can just feel the pure power from the engines when throtteling up for takeoff! I also think it looks great with the huge engines, but of course nothing beats the look of the Queen of the skies


My favorite irl is the 773W. Engine sound is amazing and it looks pretty smart even to today’s standarts.

On the other hand, my favorite IF aircraft has to go to the 787. I really like the looks of it. Especially the cockpit and its wings👌🏻

Sorry Airbus fans.


Favorite is A320Neo/A321Neo, Cs series and the world leading A350


747 & A330 Probably my fav.


In IF, the MD-11F, hands down. In RL, any 777 variant OR 787.


Comm. - A380, B737, B748, B787
GA - C208
Cargo - Airbus Beluga, Boeing Dreamlifter

IF -
Comm. - 787, A380, A320 Family
GA - Citation X
Cargo - 777, MD-11F, DC-10F


In Infinite Flight my favorite aircraft is 787 and A320 family

In RWA my favorite aircraft is A350-1000, Tu-104 and 737Max


Airbus A319. …


My favorite RWA has to be the TBF-1 Avenger and would love to see it added to IF. My favorite IF aircraft is the CRJ-700


Ignas presents…
Top 3 favorite aircraft in Infinite Flight and why.

  1. Citation X. Very comfortable for flying.

  2. 787-9. The range is amazing.

  3. Bombardier CRJ-200. Small but elegant plane.

I miss the space shuttle mission so much

And now, the real life aircraft bonanza:

  1. Bombardier Q400. I like the sound. From the outside and from the inside.

  2. Boeing VC-25 or Boeing 747-200B or Air Force One. I see it as a masterpiece of what is transportation. The whole presidential transport system dazzles me.

  3. Aircraft carriers. Yes, it is not a plane but it hss planes landing and taking off from. I find the concept amazing and want to see them scattered around in Infinite Flight.

I wonder what flying the concorde feel, cough cough