Favorite Aircraft (IF or RWA)


Definitely the Airbus A320 Family


A320 and B777 family.


< insertrandomplane >, cause no one really cares.


why are you being such a buzzkill?


My favorite IF aircraft is definitely the Citation. I have to say my favorite RWA aircraft is the 787-8!


Real World:

Long-haul: 777-300

Medium-haul: 737-8 MAX

Regional: Q400

GA: Diamond DA42 Twin Star

Cargo: 747-8

Infinite Flight:

Long-haul: 787-9

Medium-haul: A320

Regional: Q400

GA: C208 and Citation

Cargo: MD-11F


Real word

Infinite Flight


RWA 777x
IF the 787 family

I don’t know if the 777x counts but ok


The 777 family and all the Trijets.


While it’s quite easy for me to list the aircrafts I never (and I mean never) fly, I really can’t name one favourite aircraft for me in IF.

For fun, flying through mountain areas I love the F16. Also great for flying patterns.
For joking around (on Casual of course), doing very tight pattterns and acrobatics, I love the Spitfire and the Super Decathlon.

And then there’s airliners… the problem there is that we have some very new and feature rich aircrafts, and some older ones who need re-work. How can we pick a favourite one now? Imagine the 737 (or the 757 for that matter) would have wingflex, internal cabin view, opening doors with folding-out emergency slides, taxi lights that actually light-up the place and a night enabled cockpit. Wouldn’t that throw a different light on this?

In real life, I really don’t care much about the type of aircraft I fly, as long as I can sleep in a reasonable comfy chair.


That’s the truth right there : )


My favorites are the Boeing 747, 777, and the 787 in both real life and infinite flight.


IF: (Gemini cargo) DC10F
IRL: B789 (so dreamy)


RW: 737 MAX 9, 747-400, and A321 without shark let’s
IF: A320, Dash 8, and the 737 family


My favorite aircraft is the 737. Whether that be the -700, -800, -900, MAX8, or whatever, I just love it. The cockpit is just gorgeous and it is a thrill to fly.

In Infinite Flight I enjoy flying the 787-9. Great aircraft with superb physics and a vast amount of liveries to choose from.


By far the gulf stream 3 because its spacious, fast, any quiet


As per question, whats your fav aircraft to fly in as a pilot in IF?

I enjoy flying the A330 family for its intermediate range and capability. 77w is pretty good as well, and C172 is the best to chill out and do some t&gs


In real life, I really like the MD11, which is (or was) very comfortable and quiet providing an enjoyable ride. The A380 is also very nice to fly in.


N844MH for life


Real Life:
•A350-900 Delta or Finnair
•CRJ-700 Delta, American Eagle, or United Express

In IF:
• B737 Southwest (Old) or Westjet
•B787-9 American or Qantas