Favorite Aircraft (IF or RWA)

Hey everyone,

All of the old threads are closed so, I wanted to ask what your favorite aircraft is. Why is it your favorite? Have you flown on it IRL?

Mine is probably the C750 (Citation X). I haven’t flown one in real life, but I fly it often in IF. I like it because it has incredible range (short to medium hauls), and it can be as a GA or commercial aircraft. It is tiny, but it really packs a punch.


Ooh… this is going to be hard.
Is it ok if my answers are really predictable?

The only aircraft I’ve flown on real life are commerical airliners. Out of all those… it has to either be the A380 or 747.
It’s just so amazing to feel and think that something so heavy and big can get into the air.
Really, any aircraft is my favorite.

In IF, my favorite GA has to be the Cessna 208. I’ve flown it a lot, and I’m just used to it now.
A320 has to be my favorite medium-haul aircraft. It’s light, agile, and fun to fly.
MD-11F is also a fun aircraft. Looks great too.
787 is a very nice airliner…
Yea, I don’t know.


The C208 is a fun one too. Love the DHL livery on it.



Commercial: B737, B787, B747, A380

GA: Cessna TTx

Cargo: MD-11F


Commercial: B737, B787

GA: SR22, Cessna Citation

Cargo: 777, MD-11F



Can say that I agree with that list!


In IF I love all the 787s, especially the 8 and 10, the 9 not so much. I used to be a fan of the triple 7s but I’ve had some operational performance issues lately so not as much anymore (not just the speed issues, either). Also like the DC-10 and MD-11 plus short haul jets like the 738 and a320. For GA, the C208 is great for touch and goes, and the C750 is all around fun. In the real world I’m a fan of the A350


C750 will always be my favorite. The agility, the range, and the speed Ricky Bobby. Although recently I have really grown to like the smooth Dash-8.


Boeing 757-300 forever!! 787-9 in IF.


By far my favorite short haul is split between the 737 and CRJ family. I have flown on both IRL many times over. The 737 is a great aircraft in IF that can do those short to mid range flights. The CRJ is not the best in IF right now but I’m waiting for the update so the CRJ will look better and be more realistic. The A320 fam is also there to but not that high.

For long haul aircraft I can’t decide on the MD-11, DC-10, 777 family, 747 family, or A330 and A340. Also the 757-200 is on that.


IRL: Dash 8 and 777-200ER
IRL: (Cargo) MD-11F

Infinite Flight: 777-200/300ER, Dash 8 and 737-800


dash 8

long live the dash 8 family


RWA: Probably the Avro RJ100 and definently Concorde and Boeing 747 (the whole 747 family).

IF: 737-800 (Its in need of a re-work but I love it). 787 for really long flights, 747-8 when I just need something a bit bigger and the MD-11 when I want a challange. The MD-11 is probably the most fun to fly imo.


Real World: B787-8/-9 and A350XWB

Having flown in both, they are both really nice although the Boeing aircrafts will always be my preferred planes. A350 is insanely nice compared to what I experienced on the A380.

Infinite Flight: B787-8/-9 and A340


The nose is really sleek and it looks futuristic


On IF it’s definitely the 737-800, although in real life I love the 757!!!

Has to be the beautiful B787-9 absolutly fell in love with it

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My favourite aircraft would be the 747. I don’t mind which one it is. I would say the a330 buuuuttt I don’t like the way the camera is spositioned in the cockpit…

Any plane with a FedEx livery lol. I’m just kidding my favorite plane is a 767.

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As the chief pilot of DHL VA I am disappointed (JK, it’s fine).

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MD88 lol XD

but also CRJ-2/7/9 and Erj-145

I also love the SBD dauntless and FA18 super hornet.

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