Favorite Aircraft flown on as a passenger

EVA 777-300ER. Pure awesomeness…

My favorite flight would have to be onboard a Lufthansa a340-600. Very quiet and good service.

I very rarely fly on big flights or even on widebodys, I usually fly on 2 hour flights on Qantas 737-800’s a very nice aircraft especially the NG and the amount of times I’ve been in the cockpit is un-countable.

But to awnser the question my favourite would have to be on a Qantas A330-200 soooooo spacious, smooth, sleek I could go on for years

This is a strange one for me, because I need 2 categories! 😂

Civilian - has to be the 767, I haven’t flown long haul (until the end of this month) so I expect this to change to 777-3ER.

Military - TriStar, I had a whole row of seats to myself and enough breakfast burritos to cease world hunger.

The most fun I’ve had was on a USMC V22 Osprey over Afghanistan though.


I flew on an Emirates A380 (A6-EDA) one of my best flights ever (definitely not because I had a row of seats to myself)


Update : My Favourite aircraft flown as a passenger now is Airbus’ A350-900 as 9V-SMB. It was an enjoyable flight with new seats, new IFE, and nice FAs 😊

Maybe one of the downside I noticed is the seat width was abit smaller than other aircrafts. I’m not sure if it was just me. But it was pretty comfortable overall with the comfy fabric + generous legroom so I think it wasn’t a big deal to me 😊

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Oohhh…that’s hard.
It’s between a SQ a380 and a QF 737. The 380 was quieter, but the food was virtually inedible. 380 had good IFE and was comfy. (economy class) SIN-CDG
The 737 had a good meal, was comfy and had good IFE. If i recall, the Qantas 737 seat came with a pillow (economy class) PER-SIN

Qatar Boeing 787-8. Stockholm➡️Doha

My best friend in the skies




Honestly have to agree with you there! Nothin’ better!

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My best friend in the sky is N778UA (United 777) Didn’t fly on it, but when i was on holidays in Paris, it was the first American aircraft i ever saw. (dont get American planes where I live.

Coincidentally I flew on that machine on the BRU-IAD route a few years ago. It was not as impressive as the EK A380s

I havn’t been on an EK flight yet, let alone an EK a380. Where i live we have a 380 service but never flown it. (Im not a frequent traveller.)

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The EK A380 is worth it.

For me that would be the McDonnell Douglas MD80 (MadDog). Take-off on those birds was awesome, in the front and in the back. Although I have to admit I was glad when the engines were shut down after 2 hours!

I got jump-seated in the cockpit once on a trip to Copenhagen. The weather was splendid and exceptional that day: clear skies and no fog over the Øresund. Usually you can’t have both :)

On one of my other trips I had to board & deboard in the back. That was via ‘air stairs’ by the tail.

I’m going to go with the classic 737-700 as my favorite.

Boeing 777-300ER or the A380


China Airlines A350 as it was very quiet. Climb out of Taipei took long but likely due to weather that night and heavy load (flight destination was Amsterdam).

My favorite was the Aer Lingus A330-202 from DUB-LAX

Deltas 777-200ER was ok, and they had great entertainment. The A380 Air France takes the cake as my favorite, the seats were so comfortable where I sat (in economy).