Favorite Aircraft and airport to do Patterns with/at?

Hey everyone,
I was just wondering what you favorite aircraft and airport is for flying patterns.

Mine is the a320 and PHNL.

Happy landings to you all :)

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Controlling La Guardia Intl & Flying - KLGA

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nice…the problem is New York is always really empty :/

Sometimes, they need to extend it a little.

WMBT with @jreilly2311 or 21S in Seattle

A320 with @Robertdiaz123

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Runway 12 at KOAK do a touch and go on the small runway (don’t know the number) then touch and go runway 12 again. Keep doing this pattern and you get 600 XP everyone 10 mins.

really? How is that possible?

Because I literally land every 20 seconds

hmmm…i might have to try that sometime

I could show u what I do now if u want?


sure…lets do it on freeflight

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Ok come in a a320 or something

ok…i’ll have Spotter as my callsign and i’ll just be watching you

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Yeah so I just got 4 landings and 200XP in 3mins!

wow…that was some pretty reckless flying though :)

Yeah. It’s hard getting the right speeds when u have to takeoff turn then land.

KPAE in a 747, 767, 777 and 787 in the future. #TestFlight

I also dit that a lot. a318/319 becomes a civil fighter when you just have a little fuel aboard or even 0% weight)
FF server of course and KOAK too))
I use other runways too. Just crazy pattern work)
I once did it for 30 mins and got ~1800 xp

So, my favourite plane for normal patterns, and for anything else, is a319.

All latest patterns i did were at TNCM, I really like its spectacular and low approach (rwy10) and steep climb +90* turn after touch&go/take off.

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Q400 at KSAN :)