Favorite Air Show moments

I was listening to the newest podcast and it got me thinking about the air shows I’ve been to around here in Pittsburgh and Cleveland. At the one I attended in Cleveland the Thunderbirds were performing and during their show one of the planes had managed to sneak off while the other pilots in the group were flying over the lake (Lake Erie) grabbing everyone in the crowds attention. Suddenly the one that had flown off alone passed right over the crowd (which had to be one one the loudest things I’ve ever head) and scared the pants off of everyone. It was definitely my favorite air show moment an amazing moment/memory that I got to spend and share with my brother and grandfather. If you have and air show moments you’d like to share please post them below!

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I’d love to get the chance to see them again. Such a thrill.

When the blue angles did the same thing. It was really loud!

Seeing the A380 display and Vulcan at Farnborough. Can’t beat that!


I wanted to see the Vulcan but I live in the u.s.😭

Ah shame. It is so noisy! Unlike anything else hence the ‘Vulcan roar’. It makes your entire body vibrate 😅

I seen it fly over my house one day & I couldn’t hear mysleft think

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