Favorite A350 Liveries

You can vote up to 9 times!

  • Singapore Airlines
  • Airbus/Qatar
  • Qatar Airways
  • Airbus
  • Airbus Carbon
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • TAM Airlines
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Vietnam Airlines

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There’s no real point in being able to vote for every livery.

If you like all of them, you can vote for all of them

Then have an “all of the above” feature.

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Sorry. It says it’s too late to edit

Cathay Pacific for the moment, but after it will be Etihad Airways!

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I will bet, Vietnam will win.

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Cathay’s new livery is MADE FOR the A350 don’t you think. That’s just sick

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Actually they first applied to their first 777-300

B-KPM isn’t their first, B-KPA is their first.

But don’t you think it looks way better on the A350?


Cathay Pacific!

Yes. Definitely 🇨🇳

Cathay Pacific for sure. I hope it looks good on the A330

What about finnair


i think the scandinavian airlines and finnair livery will and does look fantastic

Thank you! I knew I forgot one!

  • Finnair
  • Finnair OneWorld

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Cathay FTW!

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Which ones? I have the rest on the top