Favorite 787 Livery

Alright the 787-8 has been out for awhile and now the 787-9 is being used for commercial sevice. The 787 has become very popular with many airlines and is being utiliticized on many routes that couldn’t be server before ex: BA 190/191 LHR-AUS. My favorite livery so far would have to be Norwegian! Comment your favorite liveries below!

The China Southern one!

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Oh yes that is a good one! Love the color scheme! image


I love the Jetstar 787-8 it’s so gorgeous


(Not my photo)


Etihad by far
Gulf Air (When it is delivered)
Oman Air (When it is delivered)
Air New Zealand
Then China Southern
Then American Airlines
Then JetStar
Then Norwegian

Delta will go on this list if they stop wussing out on that order (Think of the routes they could launch) and also if they make the widget and name the height of the fuselage instead of keeping it up above the windows only.

1: New Zealand
2: Norweigan
3: Etihad

Mine is Air Tahiti Nui.

United! 😂 no actually China southern

China Southern, Etihad and American


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Air Canada actually disappointed me on their liverys. But is way better than the old 77W’s

This one


Yup that’s mine too :3