Faulty weather at LAX just now

Just to report what could be a bug:

Got off the SIM after flying PHNL LAX and had an issue with weather. Had 114kts tail wind on cruise all the way which remained at 114kts crosswind when turned on to final RW25R.

However on checking with another pilot (@Skyler.Cooper ) at the airport he reported just 8kts wind. 8kts showed for me too when I respawned.

Got to say I did enjoy landing and TD in 114kts winds though!


I think its to do with your internet, your not connecting to the live weather. I’ve had this problem before and all I had to do was turn off and on the wifi on my Ipad.


Were you moving a lot and having to use a lot of power on landing? This may just be a bug on the hud since it was at 114 the whole flight which is unusual and not with the actual winds blowing


I had KIAS upto 200kts on APPR and TD at 0kts after a tough float down the RW. Thanks for the tip on the wifi @Mavic will check it out next time

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Cool, if it happens again PM me to tell me if my suggestion works. Good Day Bro!

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That’s groundspeed though

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What do you mean?

Hey Dillon! Yep, noticed GS went way down to 59kts turning on right base. Took it up to 225KIAS on final
Landing was a big float battle down to the middle of the RW where TD was finally at 0kts … lol
Not realistic I know but fun since no vio’s

I’ve encountered 300kts winds when landing, I don’t know how. I had a screenshot but I removed it. I was in a B747 and I literally had to turn 75 degrees to the right side of th airports runway to be able to land, I ended up landing with like -350fpm, but I went of the runway. No plane is able to land in 300 kts XD

Just at that point put her down and not worry about the smoothness of the landing

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This can sometimes occur when the winds aloft doesn’t update correctly when transitioning down to lower altitudes. Sorry for the inconvenience!