Faulty Violations

Today, when I was flying a Delta 757-200 (Delta 8929) from LAX to LAS on the Training, I oversped for about 1 minute. I was there the whole time. It never registered that I got any violations or violation warnings, but when I lowered the speed from 349 to 330kts, below the red dots, I continued to hear the ‘Dagadagadaga Overspeed’ until I quit the game on the ramp, at the gate. I still heard it when the engines were turned off and the parking brake was on. When I finished the flight, it said that I got 6 violations at the times 22:00 to 22:01 UTC. After six, the flight supposedly ‘ended’ even though I continued 32 more minutes of flying to KLAS. In the logbook and I saw the flight was 15 minutes long, the amount of time I was flying before I got the ‘violations’, even though the flight continued for 32 more minutes, racking up a total of 47 minutes of flight time. Now I am at Grade 1, when I should be at Grade 2. Is it possible to get these removed?

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contact a mod or staff member via PM with evidence it’s not your fault. They are able to remove violations I believe

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6 violations does lead into a ghost


I was recording the whole thing for a YT video, but when I stopped recording, it didn’t download to my videos.

i think you are able to send when you were you flying, callsign and display name and mods can get that info from the server


I inputted all of that info here.

Chris is typing so he can probably solve your issue and take it from here

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If you were overspeeding for about 1min then of course you should have received 6 violations. I believe after you hit 6 violations you get a server ghost meaning you are kicked out of the server. You can still fly and complete the flight but you aren’t exactly “On” the server. That is why when you checked your logbook the flight stops once you get your 6th and last violation. From what you said I believe those violations are valid and I don’t think they will be taken off.

I believe the glitch of hearing the sound for a long time is known about so I believe that will be fixed in the future updates.

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I was not above the violation limit, at 27000 feet msl the violation speed is greater than that.

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overspeeding is a violation in itself I believe. as in above the red dots on the aircraft

Let’s see what Chris has to say.

You said you were at 349kts that is literally at the dot of the maximum flying speed.

At 27000, the dots start at 336kts

Plus most IF pilots fly at a maximum 320kts it will prevent your chances from getting violations

Above you said you were at 349kts for 1 minute meaning you got the 6 violations then. I will let Chris do the rest of the talking now but from what I see these are valid violations.

I was not above 349, I remember now that I was at 345

There is a known bug with the audio portion of the alert continuing. However, it does not continue to rack up violations.

You were well above 500kts ground speed climbing to 27,000 feet. When you received your violations you were above 553kts ground speed. It wasn’t until minutes later that you slowed down below 500kts. If you give me some time I can take off in a 757 and see what the limit is at 27,000 feet.

Please keep in mind that the limit is not a set number but it varies based on what plane you are in and your altitude.

Edit : It appears that at 27,000 in a 757-200 that the speed limit is approximately 336kts give or take a kt or two. Ground speed is around 510 kts.

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I will do that too