Faulty STALL warning

Since the last update the Boeing 717 has a faulty stall alarm. The stall speed of this jet (in IF) is about 10kts slower. Meaning that in IF, when the plane is in landing configuration (fully extended flaps, gear down and slowest practical speed), this warning appears.

I beg the developpers to do something about it because it’s my personal favourite aircraft to fly and because it is already one of the most difficult to land. Since the latest update it has become even more difficult to land safely because of the noise of the alarm and how much it blocks the view !!
Not to mention how much this aircraft needs a rework

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Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you were over your maximum landing weight? I don’t fly the 717 very much so I don’t know the little parts about it but maybe because of your weight you needed to maintain a higher speed?


Thank you for your input.

I am flying this aircraft quite often, even above MLW it didn’t react like this before. In the last weeks I have flown different routes with different weight configuration and the faulty alarm is always there. Weight doesn’t seem to be the problem.

Not even to mention that IF’s data about the 717 is false since the MLW is 49T not 47T


I highly doubt that this is the issue, a wing can stall at any speed and weight if the AOA is large enough and in the screenshot it’s nowhere near that.

I’ve also noticed this with the F-16 since the new update - as long as you’re in landing configuration and going slowly enough the stall horn will constantly beep at you while landing. Not much you can do to fix it now that you’ve reported it, think we’ll just have to suck it up and deal with it for the time being until it gets fixed unfortunately.


Didn’t know the F-16 was affected by this as well. Maybe it’s all “Legacy” aircrafts

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Yeah, it was weird. But I found that flaps 20 (a higher flap setting) doesn’t have a stall horn at the same speeds, it’s weird


As far as I’ve seen it’s just the F16 and the 717, other legacy aircraft seem to be fine but there’s always a chance that there’s a couple more

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Maybe being heavy on landing helped it, but it should be fixed.


Fly faster, that’ll solve it. As you said, this plane is old, and is in dire need of a rework, but looking at recent IF updates, this aircraft will most likely be replaced by a similar model, maybe the MD 80 familiy.

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Very interesting you bought this up.
Actually it happened to me just yesterday when on final in KJFK on Ethiopian 777-200LR

Literally just 30m from touchdown, I had this stall warning appeared out of nowhere even with 138 IAS and under MLW, it’s the first time I’ve encountered this and thought I must have reduce speed down a little tad early but after review on replay, that seems not to be the case and it was within the stall speed limits.

Perhaps there’s some faulty bug lurking there. I never encountered this issue until yesterday.

There’s for sure a problem with the Stall warning system, I wonder how many aircrafts are concerned by this

Thank you for your input.

Flying faster with the B712 is impossible, you would simply not be able to land

Is your landing weight heavier than recommended could be possible sometimes I have trouble with this plane too.

It’s slightly above the MLW but it usually not a problem. I can land the B717 in any configuration, this alarm didn’t exist before

It’s difficult

I know I know, but the 717 is too old to be flown realistically. I found fliying at 145kts with medium weight works for this aircraft.

From what I am seeing, yes. I believe we have to manage with what we have right now. Let’s just be grateful that we have the ability to even still fly this aircraft, and wait until further notice from the team. :)

I can confirm that the 777Freighter also has issue with stall warning. Since the last update it activates at a much higher speed when I’m at full lading config. First I thought I did something wrong, but I’m pretty sure it does come up with warning way earlier than it should be.

Everyday scenario:
Generally the warning comes up at a normal approach speed about 15-20kts earlier than I would expect it to happen. Whenever I’m on approach at around 50% load my Vappr should be around 145kts and often around that the stall warning already kicks in for no reason.

There is something buggy with the stall warning system since the last update, seems like other aircrafts are affected as well.


Now way … I had the same too

I fly with the 77F daily since 1 1/2 year

And I never had a Stall Warning on final before . I know the limit of this Aircraft and it was to early … below 100 Feet AGL the stick shaker began … and it blocked my view


I use Flaps 25 and a higher speed to avoid it 😄