Faulty/Outdated Liveries

There are many faulty liveries in the game. It’s acceptable for the older aircraft, but even the most recently updated aircraft have this issue. I and many others have raised this concern multiple times but the developers never seem to have tried to fix it. Here are some of the examples of faulty liveries:


  • “KLM” logo missing on the right side of the orange pride.
  • Big “C” on the left side of Cathay Pacific, wrong use of color in the rear registration, awkward logo positioning on the tail.
    -and I’m sure there are at least a couple more but I forgot which ones…

There are also some outdated liveries on newer aircraft models as airlines decided to paint their new aircraft with brand new liveries. This isn’t an issue because IF made these liveries before the airlines even got their new planes delivered. It’s just a little wish I hope the developers would consider doing. Examples of outdated liveries:

-Qantas 787-9
-Aeroflot A350-900
-Air France B787-10

I know it’s not a huge deal but these liveries, especially the faulty ones, just really bug me a lot. However, with these liveries not being such a huge deal also means it doesn’t take a lot of effort to get it fixed. So please, developers, fix these liveries!


Welcome back to the IFC! I’m sure the devs are aware of these issues and plan to re-design these aircraft :)


Normally this issue was dealt with in 21.8:
And both logos show on both sides on my device for the KLM Orange Pride

For the Cathay Pacific I think it is a known issue,

As for the liveries, I’d recommend you go vote for this

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You forgot to mention AirTahiti Nui… the livery is also not the real one

Pretty sure this is fixed

To add some livery issue:

  • Air China logo and characters too small on B748 (seems that the livery is made based on B744) and A319
  • Aer LIngus B757 green stripe too bright
  • Inconsistency on B744 left wingtip

I find it weird how Aerofly has the same issue with the Cathay B777 on their sim.

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