Father of the 747 has died.

Vale Joe Sutter, Father of the 747, 1921-2016 passed away today for an unknown reason. He will be remembered for designing one of, if not THE most iconic airplane of all time, forever revolutionizing air transport. His legacy will live on for many years to come. May he rest in peace. :((

Article: http://aviationweek.com/commercial-aviation/joe-sutter-father-747-dies-95


That’s disappointing. RIP Father of the Queen of the Skies.


RIP Father of 747

RIP father of 747 :(

Rest in peace…

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RIP he will be remembered 😢
RIP Sutter four Sutter

RIP So long great man.

“If there’s one lesson I can pass along to people in situations like mine, it’s that the best way to see a program through – and it took me a long time to learn this – is simply to accept the help, cooperate, and let others do what they think is worthwhile. In the meantime, continue racing to the finish line.” -Joe Sutter


Farewell to one of the recognized aeronautical engineers in the world.

May you RIP.

Rest in peace. Thank you for my flights on a 747.

At least he’ll be with the 747-100s, 747-200s, 747-300s and the 747SP in heaven. My condolences to the family.


RIP Mr. Sutter

Aw crap…

He’s created and done amazing things with his life. Avgeeks and millions of airline passengers will forever remember his legacy in the 747…


Oh no!

Well, I have to say is 747 is going to be with him if the orders don’t pick up.


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R.I.P Mr.Sutter

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R.I.P. ✈️ Mr Sutter

Rest in peace :(

Rest In Paradise. Long live the 747


He proved that anything is possible

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