Fat Albert C-130H?

Hello everyone I just realized that the c-130 Fat Albert was in the c-130h category. I don’t know much about it, but I heard somewhere that it was a c-130t. Please explain.

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Fat Albert is indeed a United States Marine Corps Lockheed C-130T Hercules.

Fat Albert has crazy fire rocket boosters (JATO) that would make it in its own category. FDS has put it in that category as it best fits that variant model.

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That is correct. From my research the T & H models use the same engine. From the outside they’re indistinguishable. The differences between the two can be found inside. If I recall, its the avionics that set the two apart from each other. Feel free to correct me by all means. The C130 is not my forte.


Ok I will check it out thank you.



Not to be a judge or a critic but they look the same? Or just me?


I’d be more worried about the sheer lack of accurate data on the C130 rather than Fat Albert being in the wrong category haha

The above is all correct from other folk though, Fat Albert has some Thunderbird style rockets and upgraded avionics Vs the H. Otherwise it’s pretty much the same old bird!

Feel free to provide accurate data with reference if you feel there’s something missed. We worked right from the manual. 🙂


I already have @Tyler_Shelton though it doesn’t look like it’s been added it was sent direct to Laura pre global.

Send me the information and I’ll have a look. Thanks!

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Sent buddy, sorry for the number of messages! There’s a lot of info there.

I am not much to know about the h model but I know about the j model. But I know the amount of diles s that h model has because my father flew the combat shadow.

I’m not really sure what any of this means…

Fat Albert is indeed a T model. It is not in its own catagory because it has JATO capabilities, as all C130T and H and R and J models have the ability to utilize JATO system. The difference between fat Albert and the rest of the T’s is that they took the refueling pods off, the external tanks off, and they took away the deboost from the aileron hyd system.

Also it really kills me how inacurate the C130 still is😫

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My dad works on the j model and I see it all the time. I see the differences but at least it flys.

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