Fat Albert C-130

I would love to see this whenever the C-130 is added.
I also searched and found this topic

This only states that this person wants the C-130 not the fat Albert Livery on the main post

copyright is in the picture

And because it’s named Fat Albert Ahheyheyheyhey


I like it!

What a good looking C-130!

Have you tried ‘Blue Angels – Aerobatic SIM’? There you can fly Fat Albert!

(Not IF related, but still think it should be here) ;)

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LOVE IT! Yeah baby. I want it

I’ve seen this at KFRG before. Surprised it could even land there!

I’d love to see this! Hopefully the rocket thrust engines (JATO) could be implemented too :)

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Love that livery.

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Please, for the love of all that’s holy. NO. The last thing we need on the servers are rocket-powered C-130’s.


C’mon think of the benefits. When you clear one of these beasts for immediate take off, they will be out of the way in no time!

It looks amazing!

I would like the rockets, but I do see what you mean. 😉

Hahah, I don’t really see a problem with it. They could implement it only for take off and it would cut out right after haha. But this is thinking too far ahead, I just really hope to see this plane :)

That would be awesome.

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@Bulba who wouldn’t want a plane called fat albert

I was gonna request it, nice livery.

It would also be cool if you could get jato!

I’m sure Mark wants this one.





Please next time, mention source.
(Infinite Flight Facebook)

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