fastjet Airbus A319

Picture Credits: Dutch | Early morning arrival | Link to original content

fastjet is a low-cost carrier operating in East, and southern Africa. The airline first started operating in 2012, and has since flown over two million passengers throughout Africa. With fastjet’s head office in South Africa, the airline serves 13 destinations in five African countries.
fastjet no longer operates Airbus’ A319 aircraft due to passenger loads on their routes. Currently the airline only operates smaller Embraer jets.

fastjet Website: images-1

Route Map


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If you read the short description you might have seen that fastjet no longer operates this aircraft. Although that is the case, it would be nice to see some more African liveries in Infinite Flight. The livery stands out with it’s vibrant yellow tail, and the African Grey Parrot definitely represents Africa’s unique and diverse cultural background. Let me know what you think in the comments below, and make sure to drop a vote :)

It’s a nice livery and I definitely agree with you, People say they need more liveries in certain continents when Africa is the continent which really needs liveries, this got my vote

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That’s an awesome livery!

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Africa is in DESPERATE need of liveries! I love this livery as well, especially the parrot on the vertical stabilizer!

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er…what’s fastjet???.._

anyway cool livery but outta votes

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If you read my description or visit either of the sources you’ll find out what fastjet is…

Anyways, if you eventually find a free vote, make sure to vote :)

I really want to vote for this, but I don’t know what vote to free up?🤷‍♂️

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